Governing and Strategic Documents
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ACUI Constitution [pdf]

Articles of Incorporation [pdf]

Bylaws [pdf]

The above Constitution and Bylaws documents are updated as of March 2016 after 95.4% of voting institutional members approved the changes put forward. A total of 62 ballots were cast. The Bylaws require an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of voting Institutional Members.

Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan, 2016-18 [pdf]

Strategic Plan, 2011–15 [pdf]
Strategic Plan, 2006–10 [pdf]

Education Plan 2016-18 [pdf]


Task Force Reports

Regional Restructuring Task Force Report [pdf]

Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarking Team Report [pdf]

Research Task Force Report [pdf]

Regional Audit Task Force Report [pdf]

Strategic Process Core Team Final Report, March 2000 [pdf]

Task Force Report on Development of Core Competencies [pdf]

Growing the Profession Task Force Final Report [pdf]

Volunteer Engagement Task Force Final Report [pdf]


Additional Important Documents

ACUI Statement on Conference and Program Site Selection

Joint Statement on Campus Safety [pdf]


Updated July 15, 2016