Planning your conference schedule using SCHEDDesktop Sched

If you would like to create your own conference schedule through your computer, try out the SCHED through the ACUI website.

  • Visit the Conference Schedule page of the site
  • Browse the schedule and use the color coding key on the right column to help identify events
  • Login to the scheduling system through Facebook or create a separate SCHED login, which will allow you to save your personal schedule
  • Start building your schedule by click on the stars for the events you want to attend

By using this option, you will be able to login on any computer to access your schedule. These are also options to print your schedule and to subscribe to the schedule to add it to other external calendars you use.

There is a web-based mobile version of SCHED that you are welcome to use on your devices, but just know that if you want to use your mobile device for conference, using the Guidebook app includes additional features such as maps, notifications, and more. Also be aware that these are two separate systems. Planning your schedule on your computer will not transfer to the Guidebook app.

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Updated Feb. 11, 2013