Show Us Yours! Video Campaign

Throughout the last few months of 2012, ACUI put out a call to members to show us what they do on campus. Videos of the ACUI Central Office staff were uploaded giving a glimpse into how we handle a variety of topics and skill sets, and campuses were asked to share quick videos through social media with us and other ACUI members showing us what these tasks look like day-to-day.

Don’t deny that you like a good YouTube video to break up your day, so what better way to engage in some peer-to-peer learning?

Those videos shared via YouTube have all been added to this ACUItv playlist, while each of the categories and submissions are broken down below.

Thanks to everyone for participating!


How do you welcome people?
This category included welcome week events, how you welcome people to your building, how student employees answer the phone, and more. Here is the ACUI video.

How do you use physical space to build community?
This category included games rooms, student organization space, art galleries, outdoor/green space, lounges, dining areas, and other spaces that allow campus members to build community. Here is the ACUI video.

How do you train and develop staff?
This category included professional and student staff training, new employee orientation, professional development opportunities, and any other ways you provide training in your organization. Here is the ACUI video.

What is your back of house like?
This category included food service prep areas, storage, IT services, loading docks, and other areas of your facility that are hidden from sight but play a role in operations. Unfortunately, no campuses submitted for this topic, but here is the ACUI video.

How do you promote your union and programs?
This category included promotional items given out at campus events, posters or electronic signage that promote services, or any other method you use to get information out on campus. Here is the ACUI video.

How do you show your history?
This category included photo galleries about the history of your union, cultural artifacts that represent campus traditions, and displays featuring legends, values, or other organizational information. Here is the ACUI video.

What technology do you use in your union?
This category included retail systems, inventory software, tablets/mobile devices, technology services, audio-visual equipment for meeting spaces, signage, and other software systems. Here is the ACUI video.

How do you set up for events?
This category included setting up a stage, placing furniture for a room setup, behind-the-scenes planning or preparation work in an office, ensuring proper audio-visual equipment is in place, and more. Here is the ACUI video.



All submissions shared during the set timeframe were also highlighted in a post in The Commons recapping each topic, and now that all “Show us yours!” topics have wrapped, a compilation video of the most interesting, compelling, and entertaining submissions will be produced by ACUI and featured at the 2013 annual conference.

Those submitting videos to ACUI for this campaign agreed to allow images, audio, and video associated with your submission to be featured in the ways listed here. Likewise, ACUI reserves the right to not feature any videos that don’t reflect our website terms of use.

Updated Feb. 4, 2013