Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.
– George S. Patton
Volume 75 | Issue 6
November 2007

ACUI Procure News

Walker Wireless people counters offer new solutions to monitor traffic, temperature

Available through the ACUI Procure group buying program, Walker Wireless people counters are a popular choice to measure the traffic at the entrances to college union and campus life facilities. Now there are many other solutions offered through this product line.

 Walker Wireless’ affordable software provides automated collection and reporting of traffic data. The TrafficFlow software features user-friendly yet sophisticated administrative tools to automate the collection and reporting of traffic data from every wireless counter.

Additionally, the new Management Information (Survey) Box offers instant feedback on a topic of the hour, day, week, or month. The Survey Box has four pushbuttons that are connected to battery-operated digital counters with a microprocessor-controlled radio to wirelessly transmit the pushbutton count data to a CompuCount server attached to a computer or computer network. At your desktop, you can view, print and export pushbutton count data in half hour, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly formats.  Change the questions or location of the Survey Box whenever you wish.

 To ascertain how long a room was occupied or when restricted areas were entered, Walker Wireless has created the Magnetic Door Counter. This battery-operated counter has an integrated wireless transmitter that sends data to a CompuCount server connected to a computer or computer network.

 And, beyond traffic counts, Walker Wireless offers a temperature monitor system that wirelessly monitors the temperature of offices, coolers, lounges, the ballroom, entryways, and much more.

 Contact ACUI’s Procure’s Ty Franke or Martha J. Blood at 812.245.8070 or save@acui.org for more information.