Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.
– Chinese proverb
Volume 75 | Issue 5
September 2007

Union Spotlight: Frick Center, Elmhurst College


Originally called the College Union, the Frick Center was named for Elmhurst College’s 11th president, Ivan Frick. Over the past year, according to Ian Crone, director, the Frick Center’s games room and grill areas have both been renovated. And "throughout the early ’90s, the building was renovated one floor at a time," he said.

Unique features

Like many college unions, the Frick Center offers a coffee shop, full-service grille, student activities office, games room, and student organization suite. It is also home to the campus radio station, the only on-campus dining hall, and a learning center that offers tutoring and workshops, as well as the dean of students’ and campus chaplain’s offices.

A unique feature of the union is the Founder’s Lounge. "[It is] a large common area/lounge with an enormous fireplace and comfortable furniture and a great view of the college mall and chapel," Crone said. He added that it is the most popular area of the union.

Students’ role

Offering the only cafeteria on campus, the Frick Center is a necessity for students, who enjoy the Founder’s Lodge and games room. And "Students partner with us to manage and staff the information desk and game room," Crone said.

According to Crone, the Frick Center, currently administered only by staff, is in the process of developing an advisory council comprised of students, faculty, and staff, aimed at involving the students more in the governing side of the union.


Each August, Frick Center coordinates orientation to welcome new students to Elmhurst College, including the week-ending Frick Fest. Outside of orientation, a variety of programming is offered at the Frick Center. The Union Board is responsible for student activity programming, including Homecoming, Winterfest, Spring Fling, and other performances. From a speaker series to orchestral and vocal performances to various art exhibits, it seems that an event is always happening at the Frick Center.

Additionally, the college has vibrant clubs and activities, including student government, greek life, social action, and cultural organizations. While Elmhurst is affiliated with the United Church of Christ, and considers spiritual development is an important part of student learning, the campus also has Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim student organizations.

Elmhurst College 
Four-year, private, suburban, religious-affiliated
Full-time enrollment: 3,107
Location: Elmhurst, Ill.

Frick Center
Director: Ian Crone
Size: 70,000 sq ft.
Floors: 3
Built: 1961
Student staff: 20
Nonstudent staff: 3 (full-time)
Web site:  http://www.elmhurst.edu