Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
– Bill Gates
Volume 75 | Issue 4
July 2007

ACUI Procure News

This May, ACUI welcomed its newest staff member—Ty Franke, vendor and member services manager. Franke will be working primarily with the vendors and members through the ACUI Procure group-buying program.

"I will be adding value to members’ relationship with ACUI by connecting them with vendors who have products that members need," Franke said.

With a degree in public affairs and finance from Indiana University–Bloomington, Franke is currently taking online classes from the University of Phoenix to earn his MBA with a concentration in accounting.

Franke previously worked with investments at Fifth-Third and Regions banks. Coming from a workplace where he was always "under radar," Franke enjoys the independent nature of working for ACUI.

"I have the opportunity to do business and have the freedom to be innovative with it," Franke said. "I come from pretty big organizations where no one individual could make a difference. Here, there is the possibility to have an impact and make a difference."

And in his short time with ACUI, Franke has grown to "love" his job.

"It has been nice to be creative and just have freedom to be able to take the members and vendors and figure out how to add the most value to what they are doing," Franke said.

Franke was chosen during a job search to replace Caitlyn Kelley, an office assistant who had been working with ACUI Procure. Kelley recently moved to Boston after being hired as an allocation analyst for TJMaxx.

"Coming straight out of Hanover College, ACUI was a great starting point for my career," Kelley said. "It enhanced my people skills, and ACUI Procure prepared me for my upcoming job."

Kelley enjoyed her time at ACUI and will be missed.


ACUI Procure products can assist colleges in starting new academic year

With the new school year just around the corner, ACUI Procure partners can help with some of the basic commodities needed to enhance the look of institutions.

Lawrence Metal Products specialties include architectural metals, pedestrian crowd control, and railing systems. An industry leader in quality, design options, and customer service, this company offers many products from their flagship TensaBarrier retractable belt system to a complete line of crowd control systems, hospitality products, and security solutions.

United Receptacle—specializing in high-quality waste receptacles, smokers’ urns, and planters—recently joined the U.S. Green Building Council, committing to protect the environment and natural resources. As a member of the council, United Receptacle uses recycled and post-consumer recyclable steel, aluminum, and Perma-Wood slats. Also, their Uni-Koat finish contains no volatile organic compounds, emits negligible emissions into the air, and overspray is 98 percent reclaimable for reuse.

For a quick quote from either one of these companies or questions about ACUI Procure, please e-mail save@acui.org.