Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.
– Bill Gates
Volume 75 | Issue 4
July 2007

Student Track, Community Service Planned for 2008 Conference

Student track

Do you know what it means to attend a conference filled with exciting educational and cultural experiences? 

The student track at the 2008 annual conference will help students discover purpose, engage in thought-provoking educational sessions, participate in a challenging case study competition, and have an unforgettable conference experience in New Orleans.

From the opening program, students will be able to network and interact with professional staff and peers, learn how to navigate the conference, and find out more about ACUI, including the Association’s premier student leadership program, the Institute for Leadership Education and Development (I-LEAD®). Along with student-focused educational sessions, students will participate in a community service project, giving back to the city of New Orleans.

As a participant, students will benefit from a conference peer group that complements the educational offerings of the annual conference. Throughout the conference, participants will be engaged in structured and informal discussions geared toward networking, exchanging of ideas, and discovering what it means to be a student member of ACUI. Most importantly, students will be able to take back and implement what they learn at the conference and make a difference on their respective campuses.

Community service

All annual conference delegates will have a unique opportunity to portray what it means to be a "community builder" and give back to the citizens of New Orleans. On March 17, the entire delegation will be asked to work with a service organization in the greater New Orleans area. The service organizations will be preselected and organized so that all levels of ability will be able to participate. During the conference registration process, delegates will be able to sign up for a specific community service project, enabling the Conference Program Team to organize transportation and supplies and provide detailed information prior to the conference. Join colleagues in this unique opportunity at an annual conference and to showcase our community builder philosophy to friends in need.