We can try to avoid making choices by doing nothing, but even that is a decision.
– Gary Collins
Volume 73 | Issue 6
November 2005

ACUI Elections 2006

For candidates’ complete statement, visit www.vote.acui.org.


L. Lincoln Johnson
University of Washington
“If elected, I will listen, observe, enhance our commitment to mentoring, work to create a more vibrant and inclusive membership, and further pursue ACUI’s path toward being the primary resource for impacting student learning and advancing campus community.”

Rich Steele
Georgia Institute of Technology
“My vision is that ACUI will far exceed the expectations of its members as their primary source of help and information.”


Michael Bowen
Wayne State University
“My goal will be to enhance the quality, quantity, and variety of warm professional services delivered to all of our campus communities.”

Rick Danals
Wright State University
“I am committed to utilizing my 14 years of experience of strategic planning by contributing to a vision that best meets the needs of the membership and growth for ACUI.”

Carole Desgroppes-Brown
California State University–Nortridge
“If elected to the Board of Trustees, I will work diligently to represent the membership in all actions and decisions and ensure that we are prepared for the future.”

Rich Dornberger
Earlham College
“I see this organization continuing the growth we have seen in the last few years.”

Rich Dornberger
Earlham College
“I see this organization continuing the growth we have seen in the last few years.”

Jeff Hoffman
California State Polytechnic University–Pomona
“My vision for ACUI is that cultural, ethnic, and other forms of human diversity will continue to lead us on the path of excellence—excellence in fostering leadership development of students and staff, excellence in the development of cutting-edge model programs, and excellence in the quality of volunteer positions.”

Thomas Lane
Missouri State University
“My vision for ACUI is that we undisputedly become the professional organization of choice for those looking to deepen their understanding, appreciation, and passion for the union/activities profession.”

Stan Latta
Pennsylvania State University
“ACUI is and must continue to be the association committed to the development and nurturing of community building on our campuses.“

Date Leishman
The College at Wooster
"Outreach to undergraduate students is an important aspect of this association, and one that I would like to personally devote time to over the next two years."

Susan Payment
College of Charleston
"The future offers unlimited oppurtunities for the organization to welcome young professionals and student leaders into the ACUI family and to allow ACUI to continue to evolve and grow to meet the ever-changing needs of it stakeholders."

Heather Owen
Purdue University
“If I was elected, I would be open-minded and work hard to implement what our members are asking for, while keeping in mind the future of ACUI.”

Tom Rufer
University of Arkansas–Fayetteville
“The work of the Education Councils, development of core competencies, implementation of the Content Experts Database, and the assessment and benchmarking projects are all signs of what has been accomplished. We must continue to refine and develop on these foundations.”

Audrey Schwimmer
University of Michigan
“My vision for ACUI is that we continue to strengthen our position as a dynamic organization that is a knowledge-based higher education professional association, focused on the changing demands on college unions and student activities throughout the United States and internationally.”

Floyd Taliaferro
Morgan State University
“My vision for ACUI is to continue and expand the diversity of leadership training, i.e., draw from resources of military, FBI as guest lecturers, or facilitators and other agencies that have leadership as a major component of their operations, for professional personnel, student body in general but particularly for student leaders.”

Rick Thomas
Northwestern University
“Two ‘R’ words sum up my vision for ACUI—relevant and relationships.”

Margaret Vos
St. Cloud State University
“ACUI should be the community builder within the higher education profession by encouraging and providing opportunities to network and support one another around the world as we strive to improve and sometimes just survive in a very dynamic profession.”

Thomas Trimble
University of Toledo
“As the funding picture for public higher education continues to forecast difficult times, it will become increasingly important for ACUI to respond to the diminishing resources of the current membership and grow the value and scope of being an ACUI member.”

Tina Zwegat
Oberlin College
“The possibility of working as an at-large member of the Board of Trustees as we move into implementing a new strategic plan is exciting.”