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Volume 73 | Issue 3
May 2005

ACUI loses staff member, gains volunteer

Brett Perozzi, ACUI associate executive director, will be leaving the Central Office in June to become director of student development and the Memorial Union at Arizona State University.

As associate executive director, Perozzi coordinated the Association's research efforts and supervised the Educational Programs and Services Department. He also worked closely with public policy, the Education Councils, College Unions and Student Activities Assessment Program, and ACUI Education and Research Foundation.

"Brett's academic perspective and expertise in research will certainly be missed," said ACUI Executive Director Marsha Herman-Betzen. "Through his work on creating ACUInfo, the ACUI Needs Assessment, core competencies, and helping the ACUI Foundation get off the ground, Brett has left a lasting impression on the Association and members will continue to benefit from his contributions in the years to come."

At ASU, Perozzi will be responsible for campus dining services; building operations; retail management; campus programming; child and family services; greek life; student government, student clubs and organizations, and student coalitions; the art collection; and community service programs.

"I have really enjoyed my time at ACUI," Perozzi said. "This position has allowed me to gain a global view on college unions and student activities. Having the opportunity to step back from the day-to-day management of the campus environment has provided a perspective I'll carry with me throughout my career. The intimate environment of the Central Office has taught me a great deal about human interaction and communication. I will miss the staff and hope to be able to continue to support them in volunteer roles in the future."