Things are only impossible until they’re not.
– Jean-Luc Picard
Volume 73 | Issue 2
March 2005

ACUI announces leadership change

ACUI is announcing a change in presidential leadership. Ann Claussen, Moravian College, will not be assuming her role as ACUI president for personal health reasons effective March 23, 2005. Claussen will remain as president-elect until that time.

Daniel M. Maxwell, Western Illinois University, the current ACUI president, will assume her duties as president-elect on March 23, 2005 and then continue to serve in the role of president through the annual conference in March 2006.

In filling this unexpected vacancy, the ACUI Board of Trustees discussed the options available to them through ACUI’s constitution and bylaws. The trustees are authorized to select a current member of the board to fulfill the role as long as that individual is in the first of two possible consecutive terms. Alternatively, the trustees can choose a member at large from the Association, or if they do not or cannot make a decision, an election would be held to fill the vacancy.

In making their decision, the trustees considered the following items:

  • The need to keep momentum moving forward as ACUI embarks on its next strategic plan
  • Selecting an individual who had been previously elected by the membership
  • Selecting an individual who is willing and able to fill the role
  • Minding the timeline necessary to appropriately fill the vacancy
  • Abiding by the ACUI bylaws, which provide a procedure for filling a vacancy in an officer position—in this case, president-elect

After careful consideration and deliberation, the trustees unanimously voted to appoint Maxwell to this position effective March 23, 2005.