Bulletin July 2006
"It is not enough to offer a smorgasbord of courses. We must ensure that students are not just eating at one end of the table."
– A. Bartlett Giamatti
Volume 74 | Issue 4
July 2006

Proposed Board of Trustees expansion passes

In April and May, Association members voted on proposed constitution and bylaw changes allowing the ACUI Board of Trustees to include up to two additional at-large members and the immediate past president (for a total of 10 board members). The recommendation to add up to two at-large members passed with a 94.3 percent majority, and 94.8 percent supported the addition of the immediate past president. Out of the 706 eligible voters, 228 cast ballots.

Based on the constitution and bylaw changes, the current board will evaluate its workload before an election cycle and determine how many trustees, if any, should be added to the board. According to the changes, new at-large members would be elected as part of the annual election process, and the presidential term would be three years, one respectively as president-elect, president, and immediate past president.

“The option to expand the Board of Trustees enhances trustees’ ability to balance daily professional responsibilities with ACUI volunteer responsibilities,” said ACUI President Bob Mindrum. “We will have greater capacity to oversee projects laid out in the new strategic plan, and the experience of the immediate past president is a resource that has been lacking in the current board structure.”

It is the Board of Trustees’ responsibility to review the structure and process of Association leadership and consider improvements. It has been demonstrated that between the commitments to standing and ad-hoc committees, the work of the board has been significantly hampered by its size. To that end, the current Board of Trustees and several past members recommended that the board have the option to expand by three positions: two at-large members and the addition of the immediate past president.

Changes to the constitution and bylaws must be voted on by the institutional representative at ACUI member institutions. A simple majority of those voting is required for approval.

For complete wording of the constitution and bylaw revisions, please visit http://www.acui.org/content.aspx?menu_id=30&id=338.