Bulletin July 2006
"It is not enough to offer a smorgasbord of courses. We must ensure that students are not just eating at one end of the table."
– A. Bartlett Giamatti
Volume 74 | Issue 4
July 2006

ACUI co-founds new sustainability consortium for higher education

May 9 was the initial meeting of an exciting new collaborative endeavor, the Higher Education Associations’ Sustainability Consortium (HEASC). ACUI is a founding member of this network of higher education associations with a commitment to advancing sustainability within their constituencies and within the system of higher education itself.

“The founders of HEASC formed the consortium to further develop each higher education association’s capability to make sustainability a regular and important part of the service they provide to their members,” said Anthony Cortese, co-coordinator of HEASC, president of Second Nature, and co-founder of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. “HEASC members see the value of working together because the sustainability issues are so complex. They also wanted access to outside expertise to enhance their work and to connect them to other efforts, both within higher education and the outside community.”

HEASC was formed to support and enhance the capacity of higher education to fulfill its critical role in producing an educated and engaged citizenry and the knowledge needed for a thriving and civil society. These organizations recognize that fulfilling their mission in the 21st century requires a broader, systemic, collaborative approach to their own work and that of the constituents they serve. The societal challenges to create vibrant, secure communities and strong economies while preserving the life support system on which we all depend are daunting and will only increase as the world’s population and our need to increase economic output grows.

ACUI Executive Director Marsha Herman-Betzen said she is honored to serve on the HEASC Steering Committee and is “excited to make ACUI’s sustainability resources and efforts more effective through less duplication and greater collaboration.” The rest of the Steering Committee members are: Matthew Hamill, National Association of College and University Business Officers; John Hammang, American Association of State Colleges & Universities; Judy Walton, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education; Greg Roberts, ACPA/College Student Educators International; Lander Medlin, Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers; Doreen Murner, National Association of Educational Procurement; and Jolene Knapp, Society for College & University Planning.

In addition to Cortese, HEASC will be coordinated by Debra Rowe, executive director of the U.S. Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and senior fellow, Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future.

To get involved with ACUI’s efforts toward a more sustainable future, e-mail volunteer@acui.org.