Bulletin September 2006
Volume 74 | Issue 5
September 2006

Show 'An Inconvenient Truth' on your campus for free

Following a successful theatrical run, Participant Productions and Paramount Classics are making 500 copies (35mm) of “An Inconvenient Truth” available to college campuses in September and October. The initiative is called “Truth on Campus.”

“An Inconvenient Truth” is listed among ACUI’s top 15 films to include in a sustainability-focused film series, and for a limited time programmers can bring the film to campus for free. With many campuses beginning a new academic year, now is the time to start your sustainability-focused film series so your campus community can collectively explore solutions, activities, and effective actions in conjunction with the screenings.

ACUI is working with the Better Days Alliance, the organization managing the Truth on Campus Web site (www.truthoncampus.org), to get the word out to campus programming boards about this opportunity. The site serves as a resource to help groups manage successful screening events. It features a clearinghouse of relevant news and event listings, press pages, downloadable promotional materials, and information that will help organizers fill theaters with a diverse audience and facilitate lively and beneficial post-screening dialogue. Groups and individuals can also share their event experience on the site’s blog and learn about solutions already being employed around the world.

One of the main goals of the “Truth on Campus” campaign is to coordinate aligned activities and make screening “An Inconvenient Truth” an inclusive event that empowers the audience with tools to help address the climate crisis that former U.S. Vice President Al Gore details in his film. “The role of Truth on Campus is to not only exponentially increase awareness of the reality of the climate crisis, but also help a vanguard of university and youth leaders present to America a mobilizing vision for a healthier, more prosperous, more secure, and more meaningful future,” said Will Duggan, director of the Better Days Alliance and a key organizer of the campaign.

NativeEnergy (www.nativeenergy.com/climatecrisis), the sole provider of carbon offsets for the film and the book “An Inconvenient Truth,” is making every screening of the film “a carbon-neutral theatrical experience.” All CO2 emissions from venue energy use will be offset with renewable energy credits from wind turbines, so each screening will have the same global warming impact as if powered by wind energy.

Paramount will not make available DVD copies of the film in advance of the November home video release. However, this does not mean that only campuses with 35mm capability can screen the film. Groups with access to a local theater with 35mm projection equipment (and a qualified projectionist) also can request the film. Limited funds are available from Truth on Campus to help defray costs associated with renting off-campus locations.

Campuses may want to consider screenings on or around National Campus Sustainability Day, Oct. 25, and kick off a sustainability-focused film series.

To take advantage of this opportunity or for more information, visit www.truthoncampus.org