Bulletin September 2006
Volume 74 | Issue 5
September 2006

ACUI Procure News

With a mission statement of “Increase Communication, Enhance Education,” CollegiateLink" software solutions are designed to revolutionize the way that students, faculty, and staff communicate.” On a basic level, CollegiateLink is a software program that allows for a centralization of all student organization records and online resources.

Recently, ACUI Procure reached an exclusive agreement with CollegiateLink to bring ACUI members the best overall value on this innovative software program.

SA LINK Integrated Technology for Student Activities, or just SA LINK, runs from a server and can be accessed by Web administrators, student leaders, and the campus community. With SA LINK, student officers can store and update a wide variety of information. The officers can maintain a complete organization roster with detailed registration information on each member, as well as club event records. SA LINK provides student organizations with the ability to do the equivalent of online banking with their financial requests and records. Through the system, student officers are able to collaborate with other organizations and interact with members, prospective members, and the campus community. Any form of assessment or survey can be created, sent to the campus community, and the software will track submissions.

SA LINK provides student leaders and the campus community with many valuable resources. An “Online Activities Fair” provides information on all the student organizations that will be updated by student officers. Each club or organization can have its own personalized Web portal with news, events calendar, discussion forum, complete e-mail list that includes prospective members, and online surveys or polls. Also, the software provides the possibility of online elections for student government, individual organizations, and other campus departments.

The SA LINK system strives to bring each student organization, and the school as a whole, the communication skills that will enable it to be as successful as possible. As the tool kit states, “SA LINK serves to strengthen ties between students and staff, promote an involved student body, increase alumni giving, and allow clients to improve their competitive advantage.”

Other departments on campus also benefit from SA LINK. Alumni relations is able to access cocurricular information about alumni, the admissions department can print information about clubs and organizations, the career center can find students interested in certain fields based on their cocurricular activities, and the registrar can start offering students cocurricular transcripts.

ACUI members are being offered an option between two different product lines and will receive the best price combined with year-end rebates if their order is placed through ACUI Procure. The first software program is SA LINK Enterprise, which runs from the institution’s server and is integrated with other technology. The other option is SA LINK Turn Key, where CollegiateLink will run the SA LINK software from a secured server for each client to access.

For more information, please contact Martha J. Blood at save@acui.org or 812.245.8070.