Bulletin September 2006
Volume 74 | Issue 5
September 2006

New partnership allows members to access online protection resources

Ever wondered what you would do if you realized your identity had been stolen? Or, what steps do you need to take to secure your wireless Internet connection? OnGuard.gov has the answers.

Recently, ACUI partnered with OnGuard.gov, a Web site maintained by the Federal Trade Commission. The commission was established in 1914, in part, to protect and inform consumers. With multiple threats facing consumers daily on the Internet, the Federal Trade Commission created this Web site to give Internet users the information and tools needed to be safe. Now, ACUI has become an educational partner on this project.

This partnership is at no cost to the Association, but provides valuable resources for members, said ACUI Executive Director Marsha Herman-Betzen. “Every day we use the Internet and check e-mail and often don’t even consider personal safety risks inherent in those interactions,” she said. “While ACUI cannot be the experts in online protection, this partnership is a way to get the most updated information to members so they can protect themselves.”

OnGuard.gov’s goal is to provide “practical tips from the federal government and the technology industry to help you be on guard against Internet fraud, secure your computer, and protect your personal information.”

The Web site has information on a wide range of topics, including identity theft, wireless security, social networking sites, file sharing, and spam scams. And, not only does OnGuard.gov offer information on the aforementioned problems, it also provides a resource for filing complaints with different agencies if a problem were to occur.

Another resource section of the site includes other valuable information for Internet users: a glossary; videos about protecting yourself and your family online; how-to tutorials for spam control and wireless security; and interactive games to teach individuals how to be safe. These might even be used on your campus for an educational program or as part of orientation.

It is nearly impossible these days to be a student or work on a college campus and not use the Internet. And, even if you only use the Internet to check your e-mail once or twice a day, you are still at risk. OnGuard.gov makes it simple and fast for Internet-users to get all the information they really need.

Please visit http://onguardonline.gov for information on how to protect yourself and your computer.