Student-Run Video Marketing

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A Technology Community of Practice Flash Webinar

Core Competencies: Marketing, Technology
Originally presented on October 18, 2011
This is the archived version.

Program Description

It's the 21st century, so don't be caught without a student multimedia team! The University of Arizona Student Union media team produces promotional video material for student affairs departments, and runs its own unique bimonthly web video series: "Spaces, Places, Faces" (or 'SPF') and "Get In The Know." In this 30-minute flash webinar coordinated by the ACUI Technology Community of Practice, the team discusses the inner workings of the media department, including strategy, technology, budget, and distribution, as well as the advantages of having a student-run team in developing engaging video material for an undergraduate population.

Be sure to check out the example videos and the YouTube channel along with presentation!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of this program, participants will better understand:

  • How to administer a video marketing program
  • A process and equipment for producing videos
  • Ways to distribute video marketing content

Updated April 12, 2015