The Successful Advisor-Student Relationship

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A Student Organization Advisors Community of Practice Webinar

Core Competencies: Human Resource Development, Leadership, Student Learning
Originally presented on July 28, 2011
1 p.m. Eastern

Program Description

A recent research project conducted with ACUI sought to better understand the successful advisor-student leader relationship and how the two interact to increase student learning and leadership development. This online learning program will offer a presentation of our findings, in conjunction with the Student Organization Advisors Community of Practice.

The research team surveyed student leaders and their advisors from across the U.S. to find out what advisors do that create strong student leaders. Over and over again, the team found that advisors take on certain roles over the course of knowing their students which shape how they interact with each other. Likewise, students and advisors differ on the value they place on each role. In addition to defining those roles, this program will shed some light on other findings of the study related to communication behaviors, advisor attributes, policy enforcement, and integrating academic interests.

About the presenters

Members of the research team who will be involved with presenting this webinar include:

  • Sean Ferris, student activities advisor at University of Washington
  • Clifton Johnson, assistant director of scheduling and event services at American University
  • Aaron Lovitz, evening administrator at Florida State University
  • Sarah Moyns, assistant director of administration and support services at University of North Carolina–Charlotte

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this programs, participants will know:

  • The roles that advisors play when working with student leaders
  • Practices and attributes of student organization advisors that support student learning and leadership development
  • Differences in perceptions of advisors and student leaders about the advisor-student relationship

Updated March 30, 2015