Networking 101

First in a four-part series on cross-campus collaborations

Originally presented on September 25, 2008
Archive available soon

Project manager Paul M. Hagner refers to leadership, inclusion, and communication as, "Three crucial elements for systematic change." All three are necessary as college union and student activities professionals strive to impact the students, staff, and faculty they serve. Join colleagues as they share their experiences with bringing the masses together to create programs, solve problems, and encourage growth across the quad.

This webinar was delivered on Sept. 25 at 1 p.m. Eastern, and is Part 1 of a series on cross-campus collaborations. More information on this event is available by following the links to the left. The rest of the series includes:

Master Calendar Planning  - Archived version available soon.

Partnerships with Academic Affairs - Archived version available soon.

Successful Collaboration Between Student Affairs and Auxiliaries  - Archived version available soon.

Program Fees

ACUI members: $99.00
Non-members: $139.00

Updated Feb. 7, 2016