ACUI's 88th Annual Conference

Regional Gatherings

Sunday, March 16 – Regional meetings followed by regional dinners - advanced registration required.
Wednesday, March 19 – Regional receptions before closing dinner

Do you know what it means to reconnect with colleagues and meet new people? Come to your regional meeting and find out. Regional meetings are a business meeting and a social opportunity. These meetings are conducted by the regional director and provide valuable information about the year’s regional activities, upcoming regional programs, the region’s budget, involvement opportunities, the regional dinner (immediately following the meeting), and the Battle of the Regions. Please take the opportunity to get to know your fellow regional delegates as the annual conference gets underway.

Regional Dinners

Sunday, March 16, 8 p.m.
Several Nawlin’s style restaurants have been selected for this year’s regional dinners. Dinners will take place on Sunday, following regional meetings, so that friends can greet one another as they kick off their time in New Orleans. Preregistration for the dinner is required and available with all other conference offerings online.

Region 1Gordon Biersch Brewery
Price: $31, buffet including nonalcoholic beverages
Serving a two-entrée buffet including nonalcoholic beverages, Gordon Biersch Brewery is located in the heart of New Orleans within walking distance of the French Quarter, the Marriott, and Harrah's Casino; it is a favorite among locals and visitors.

Region 2
Acme Oyster House
Price: $30, buffet featuring seafood and non-seafood items; nonalcoholic beverages also included
Pleasing customers craving oysters and po’ boys since 1910, Acme has set up a buffet of offerings for this region. The restaurant is within walking distance from the hotel and half a block from Bourbon Street for after-dinner activities.

Region 3 - SOLD OUT
Red Fish Grill
Price: $47, three-course meal including dessert and nonalcoholic beverages
Featuring casual New Orleans seafood and Big Easy favorites that are culinary works of art, Red Fish Grill is a delight to both the palate and the eyes, offering great artwork and wonderful, warm service. It is within walking distance to the hotel and the French Quarter.

Region 4
Dookey Chase
Price: $34, three-course meal including nonalcoholic beverages
Visit this landmark property as they reopen after Hurricane Katrina.

Region 5
Table One Brasserie
Price: $40, three-course meal with choice of entrée including nonalcoholic beverages
Located in a handsome two-story renovated 1850s townhouse in the historic Garden District, Table One conveys a comfortable, laissez-faire atmosphere that is distinctively New Orleans. A quick cab ride or a lovely New Orleans walk will get you there in time to enjoy your colleagues from Region 5.

Region 6 
Bourbon House
Price: $46, four-course dinner including nonalcoholic beverages
Bourbon House is a Dickie Brennan restaurant featuring Creole dishes famous in New Orleans. Region 6 has a great place and a great menu to enjoy in the private dining room that puts you just a block off Canal Street, where the hotel is located, and right on Bourbon Street. Enjoy!

Region 7Ember’s
Price: $34, three-course meal including traditional bread pudding with rum sauce and nonalcoholic beverages
Enjoy the charm and ambiance of Old New Orleans while you enjoy great food and suberp hospitality at Ember's, the place with the largest balcony on Bourbon Street. It is located just blocks from the hotel and served with plenty of excitement.

Region 8 
Bombay Club
Price: $38, three-course meal including nonalcoholic beverages
Music, food, and spirits await at the Bombay Club, where you get the feeling you are in an English gastropub. Located between the hotel and Bourbon Street, you are sure to kick it up with your Region 8 friends to celebrate your arrival at the conference.

Region 9 
Crescent City Brewhouse
Price: $40, buffet including nonalcoholic beverages
Crescent City Brewhouse is the only French Quarter microbrewery, offering a warm, relaxed, and festive, atmopshere with live jazz to compliment your experience. It is located around the corner from the hotel, next to shopping for masks and boas. Enjoy the company of Region 9 cohorts.

Region 10 
Price: $39, buffet including nonalcoholic beverages
Celebrate your time in New Orleans with live Cajun music, dancing, and food at Mulate's. It is a bit of a walk, but well worth the experience of both food and entertainment.

Region 11 
Café Giovanni’s
Price: $40, three-course meal including nonalcoholic beverages
Just around the corner from the hotel, you’ll enjoy Giovanni's and experience a New Orleans twist on Italian food. Chef Duke’s restaurant is ranked one of the top ten dining experiences in the city.

Region 12Zea’s
Price: $47, meal including nonalcoholic beverages
A unique restaurant, Zea's offers a buffet to please the taste buds, complete with the zing of Thai, a tender roasted chicken, and a garlic shrimp dish. A short cab ride to the St. Charles area of town, at Zea's, you won’t go wrong celebrating with Region 12 as they host the conference this year.

Region 13 
Ralph & Kacoo's
Price: $35, three-entrée buffet including nonalcoholic beverages
Ralph & Kacoo's has been a French Quarter tradition since 1969, located just a half-block from Jackson Square and within walking distance from the Marriott. Enjoy this time with friends from Region 13.

Region 14 
Attiki Bar & Grill
Price: $34, three-course meal with choice of entrée including nonalcoholic beverages
Attiki offers a refreshing look at delicious food and a fun entertainment. Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine with a distinct “Nawlins” flavor, the restaurant is situated in the historic French Quarter just two blocks from the Mississippi River, the hotel and Bourbon Street.

Region 15 
Price: $44, buffet including nonalcoholic beverages
A New Orleans favorite since 1938 on "Restaurant Row," Mother’s can be found between a thriving waterfront and the courthouse. You’ll find Mother’s serves up a “whole lotta love” with a buffet full of “Nawlins” favorites. Round up your west coast colleagues and dive into some cooking done with southern pride.

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