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Rooting for my Region in Defeat!

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I have been told by many in ACUI that my region can be a little “competitive” when it comes to the Battle of the Regions.  I mean, wouldn’t you be proud if your region boasted some pretty awesome past legends like Carol Burke or Don Hinde?  Or current former ACUI Presidents and incredible leaders like Debra Hammond, Matt Cameron, and Neil Gerard just to name a few?  Wouldn’t you be proud when your region each year has one of the largest delegations at the conference and one of the largest regional memberships in the association?  Wouldn’t you be proud if you were hosting the annual conference next year in Anaheim, California? 

We see our “enthusiasm” at the Battle of the Regions as “pride” and the “competition” as “showing our regional spirit” although admittedly sometimes we do take it a little too far :).    This year words can’t describe our sadness in that yet again we lost in several of the competitions for the program early.  Our group had a great time though and we faithful few cheered our teams even in defeat!   Our “pride” did not waiver… In reality we, I think, felt a little sorry for the other regions this year– I mean, we win almost every year…why not let someone else have it once in a while?  We aren’t greedy in Region 15…but next year – we will be ready to take back the trophy where it belongs!

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