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High school student resources


Are you the student who is involved in every club, plans all the dances and pep rallies, and loves learning and meeting new people?


In college there are even more ways to get involved, more things to learn, and more people to meet. Student affairs careers offer you a way to continue doing that—and they pay you.


If you’re visiting campuses, the people in the admissions office, residence halls, and who run orientation and help you choose classes are also student affairs professionals. The people staffing the fitness center are too. Even the people in the financial aid and parking offices are sometimes student affairs professionals.


Also, there’s probably a big building on the campus that’s always buzzing with students hanging out, studying, eating, or buying books. That’s the college union. The people working there are our members, as in the Association of College Unions International.


They help plan programs with students, staying up to date on what foods and college gear is trendy, and making sure the finances are in order and the facilities look well. Talking to students about their jobs is one of their favorite things, so don’t hesitate to stop them in the hallway.


All these people chose this career because they enjoy campus life and working with students. They went to college and got one degree (LINK to undergrad resources), and often they stayed and got another (LINK to master’s info).


Because you can’t really major in student affairs, talk to people working on the campus you want to attend, or e-mail ACUI (LINK) and we’ll put you in touch with the right people.