College Union and Student Activities Evaluation Program (CUSA)

The College Union and Student Activities Evaluation Program (CUSA) uses experienced people from inside and outside the profession to evaluate college union and student activities programs, services, operations, and facilities. Using mixed methodologies, including on-site visits and document analysis, consultation teams and processes can be designed to explore almost any challenge your program faces.

The objective of the program is to provide a process for assessing organizational strengths while highlighting areas for renewal and change. Institutions participating in the program will gain strategic insight for future planning in areas they specify. Professionals involved in the process will receive feedback that will support their development and growth in the ACUI Core Competencies of leadership, planning, and any others related to the specific evaluation.


Benefits of conducting an ACUI evaluation

Gain a peer-to-peer review of an institution’s college union and student activities operation

Develop perspective and appreciate the value of an institution’s college union and student activities program, services, and operations

Assess levels of customer satisfaction

Conduct a detailed analysis of areas responsible for delivering high-quality and customer-friendly programs, services, and facilities

Influence the future direction of the organization

Gain an objective evaluation of units’ actual results in meeting institutional goals

How does the program work?

The entire process takes two to three months from initial request to delivery of the final report.

  • Institution requests consultation
  • Institution prepares institutional profile
  • Letter of agreement between ACUI and institution is executed
  • Institution provides a list of preferred dates
  • ACUI proposes team members for approval by the institution
  • Evaluation team reviews all background material provided by the institution
  • Site visit
  • Written report created, formatted, and edited
  • Written report delivered to institution

ACUI is committed to delivering the final written report within 30 days of the site visit. Payment of the fee and reimbursable expenses is due upon receipt of the final report.

How much does CUSA cost?

An institution can select evaluations that last at least a day and a half or as long as three and a half days with two to four consultants. The fee includes the honoraria for the consultants, meals and incidental expenses, and ACUI’s fee. The institution is also responsible for travel and lodging, which is included on the final invoice from ACUI.

Member rates

2 consultants

3 consultants

4 consultants

1 ½ day program




2 ½ day program




3 ½ day program




Nonmember rates




1 ½ day program




2 ½ day program




3 ½ day program





Updated March 31, 2015