ACUI Education and Research Fund Chair

Responsible to: Events and Operations Coordinator
Volunteers responsible for: ACUI Education and Research Fund Program Team
Term of Office/Renewal: ACUI Education and Research Fund Program Team chairperson will serve a two-year term beginning at the 2017 annual conference and ending at the close of the 2019 annual conference. At the end of the term, the volunteer may reapply for a second term; no person can serve in an appointed Leadership Team position more than two consecutive terms.

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  • On behalf of ACUI, raise monies into two distinct areas: 
    • The ACUI Annual Fund, which supports general scholarships and Association research initiatives.
    • The ACUI Awards and Scholarships Fund, which endows specific scholarships and awards named in honor of significant Association members and events.
  • Develop a culture of giving within the Association. 
  • In conjunction with the Central Office: 
    • Develop and manage an annual operating budget for the ACUI Education and Research Fund, including anticipated revenue from fundraising into all funds and all operating expenses. 
    • Develop, coordinate, and implement an Annual Fund campaign. 
    • Develop and manage giving campaigns to reach appropriate levels in each endowed fund. 
  • Plan and implement ACUI Education and Research Fund fundraising and promotion events at the ACUI annual conference including, but not limited to, a silent auction, donor reception, and run/walk event. 
  • Direct ACUI Education and Research Fund communication efforts, including website management and newsletter production. 
  • Manage the ACUI Education and Research Fund Program Team: 
    • Manage the recruitment and appointment process of team members, following appropriate Association guidelines. 
    • Schedule and host regular communication and meetings with program team members and ACUI director of member services including but not limited to monthly conference calls and a face-to-face meeting at the annual conferences. 
    • Assign members to ACUI Education and Research Fund subcommittees and ensure appropriate levels of operation.
  • Attend scheduled Association meetings as required, including but not limited to all ACUI annual conferences and all Leadership Team meetings throughout the term of office. 
  • Represent the ACUI Education and Research Fund Program Team to other component groups of the ACUI Leadership Team: Board of Trustees, Education Council, regional directors, and special appointments, predominantly. 
  • Represent the ACUI Education and Research Fund as signatory on official communications, including but not limited to pledge reminders and thank you letters.


  • Previous experience on the ACUI Leadership Team, preferably at the Board of Trustees level.
  • Broad range of experience with ACUI, at both the regional and international levels.
  • Demonstrated performance in organization, leadership, motivation, communication, and listening skills. 
  • Demonstrated commitment to inclusiveness and multiculturalism. 
  • Knowledge of the Association’s Education Council areas and core competencies. 
  • Sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse needs and priorities of the Association's membership and the profession.
  • Individual member at a member institution; solid institutional support.
  • Lifetime contributions to the ACUI Annual Fund or endowed funds of at least $300.

Core Competencies

Applicants must demonstrate an understanding of the Association's 11 core competencies, realizing that this particular volunteer role will place emphasis on one or more competency area:

  • Communication
  • Facilities Management 
  • Fiscal Management 
  • Human Resource Development 
  • Intercultural Proficiency 
  • Leadership 
  • Marketing 
  • Management 
  • Planning 
  • Student Learning 
  • Technology 

Selection Process

Applications will be accepted and reviewed by the Central Office staff liaison and at least two Association members. The Board of Trustees will make the final appointment. For complete details about the selection process, please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page on the ACUI website.

Updated Sept. 12, 2016