Information about the 2017 Conference Program Team

Dear Prospective Team Member:

Thank you for taking time to consider applying for the 2017 Conference Program Team. Being part of the team to plan the 2017 annual conference in Philadelphia provides a great opportunity to be more involved with our association, and to take part in a rewarding professional development experience. The 2017 annual conference will certainly be memorable for ACUI members, and will include a program intentionally designed to actively engage participants.

Specifically, the 2017 Conference Program Team will strive to:

  • Operate as a 'Learning Organization' to gain insight into how the conference should evolve to meet the needs of conference attendees.
  • Ensure that the ACUI core competencies are seamlessly incorporated into all educational aspects of the conference.
  • Ensure that designated development tracks and conference experiences are of the highest quality for all members of the ACUI community.
  • Incorporate student development theory and practice into the conference that can help to guide our work with students and campus leaders.
  • Seek educational programs that exhibit "Best Practices" in the profession, content experts who are forward thinking, and sessions that share new discoveries and create conversations on challenging issues in the field.
  • Enhance communication with ACUI Communities of Practice and Regions
  • Strengthen partnerships with ACUI associate members to increase sponsored program offerings and augment the exhibit hall experience.
  • Use technology to strengthen recruitment, communication, and delivery of the conference program.
  • Showcase the diversity of Philadelphia and the many universities and colleges throughout the region.

To create a unique and outstanding conference experience for our members, we are looking for a diverse group of volunteers who are committed to the college union and student activities profession, and specifically the values of ACUI. Team members are expected to give of their time and talents, work hard, and be team players. The team will create, plan, and bring the Philadelphia conference experience to fruition, in collaboration with other components of the Association. ACUI pledges to do our very best to encourage and foster a positive team environment and provide an once-in-a-lifetime volunteer experience.

If this sounds like a vision and team you would like to become a part of, please visit this page to learn more about the committee work.  Please take time in the application to share your thoughts and ideas on how you will be a valuable asset to the 2017 Conference Program Team. All completed applications must be received by April 24, 2015.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at or phone at 812.245.8053.

Thank you in advance for your interest! 



Updated March 20, 2015