Council for Diversity and Inclusion Member

Position Description

Responsible To:
Director of Content Curation

Term of Position:
Council members will serve a two-year term beginning June 1. At the end of the term, the volunteer may reapply for an additional term.

Apply here by April 21

Two to three members are sought to serve on the newly formed Council for Diversity and Inclusion. With 10–12 members total, the council will include the president-elect as well as several at-large members selected through the standard volunteer application process. In addition, council members will include representation from the regional inclusivity coordinators, communities of practice, Education Council, Central Office, corporate community, and the Volunteer Development Team. The council will be responsible for developing and implementing a coordinated plan for improved diversity and inclusivity with ACUI. Team members will serve a two-year term with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Responsibilities of the council:

  • Coordinate, communicate, revise, and update a detailed plan for diversity and inclusion within ACUI.
  • Collaborate on the strategic development of diversity and inclusion initiatives for ACUI.
  • Identify and share best practices for workforce and member recruitment.
  • Develop training materials to support ACUI staff, volunteers, and members.
  • Communicate regularly with members about issues related to inclusion and serve as diversity brand ambassador.
  • Identify opportunities to emphasize Intercultural Proficiency through ACUI’s educational content.
  • Institute assessment and evaluation measures related to diversity and inclusion in the Association.
  • Identify opportunities for greater accessibility and equity related to processes and systems.
  • Contribute skills and knowledge to further specific projects in both an advisory capacity and as a member of various work groups.
  • As a member of or leader of a subcommittee, develop clear initiatives with related metrics for accountability.
  • Balance this role with other ACUI responsibilities and communicate needs and goals related to this position and others.
  • Perform committee responsibilities in a timely and professional manner, maintaining strict confidentiality in proprietary ACUI business.


  • Demonstrated understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • A broad range of experiences consistent with the responsibilities of the position
  • Clear understanding of the difference between a knowledge-based and constituency-based organization
  • Ability to advocate for change
  • Realistic appreciation for time commitment
  • Interest in seeking to understand before being understood
  • Credibility related to diversity and inclusion
  • A solution-focused, not problem-focused orientation
  • Ability to think systemically
  • Proven success working in teams
  • Institutional support

Core Competencies: Applicants must demonstrate an understanding of the Association's 11 core competencies, realizing that this particular volunteer role will place emphasis on one or more competency areas:

  • Communication
  • Facilities Management
  • Fiscal Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Intercultural Proficiency
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Planning
  • Student Learning
  • Technology

Selection Process:
Consistent with the selection process for ACUI volunteer positions, a screening committee of volunteers and the staff liaison will review applications, interview qualified candidates, and make a recommendation for appointment.

Updated March 2, 2017