9‐Ball Tournament Director  

Responsible To: Recreation and Leisure Activities Program Team Leader, Educational Program Coordinator
Volunteers Responsible For: International tournament volunteers of 9‐ball tournament; regional 9‐ball
tournament coordinators
Term of Office: Two years with the option of additional two‐year terms by mutual agreement. The 9‐ball
tournament director will serve a term beginning at the 2010 international competition, ending officially
at the close of the 2012 program, and remaining on to train replacement as needed. At the end of the
term, volunteer may apply for an additional term.


Responsible for coordinating the ACUI 9‐Ball Championships and advising the regional

tournament directors through monthly training and serving as a resource.


1. Communicate all pertinent tournament information to regional recreation and leisure activities coordinators (RCs) and other committee members. Participate in monthly webinars from August through March for training of RCs.
2. Negotiate with Central Office staff liaison, all partners, and sponsor representatives for suitable host site, including usage of facilities, maintenance, and preparation of tournament tables and lighting,spectator seating, local hotel accommodations, and banquet dinner for participants.
3. Assist RCs in identifying tournament directors for 9‐ball regional qualifiers. Provide 9‐ball directors and RCs with charts, schedules, rules, and format. Set a phone call with each RC to discuss materials and ensure thorough understanding of charts and rules, and competency in running tournaments.
4. Nurture existing corporate sponsorships and pursue new opportunities for championship participant prizes and scholarships.
5. Prepare an annual operating budget and maintain financial records of tournament expenses. Submit copies of the budget to the Recreation and Leisure Activities Program Team leader and Central Office no later than Oct. 1.
6. Marketing and promotion (pre‐event)
 Present educational sessions at regional and annual conferences to promote the leisure activities program and its independent events.
 Provide all pertinent information to the ACUI Central Office for registration purposes.
 Write content for The Bulletin and ACUI website and send press releases to major billiards media outlets prior to the event.
7. Immediately upon completion of regional and independent events, communicate pertinent
championship program information to the participants, advisors, and coaches via e‐mail and theACUI website. Set up online registration for championships and collect original copies of eligibility forms stamped by school registrars.
8. Fill the tournament field: 32 men and 24–32 women, based on participation.
 Immediately after completion of regional and independent qualifier events, invite the top
players from each tournament.  
 If an invitee declines or fails to respond within a designated period of time, extend an invitation to the next person in line.
 Tournaments will be ranked according to size (based on number of participants). Note that men’s and women’s lists are separate. Open spots are offered to players in regions with highest participation until the field is full. If that person declines, the spot is offered to the region with the next highest participation, etc.
9. Coordinate on‐site registration, volunteers, tournament draw, schedule, best break competition, and sportsmanship competition for the championships. Act as emcee during the tournament, announcing matches and events and building excitement for the players and the audience.  
10. Recruit volunteer tournament staff at the championships and assist RCs with recruitment of knowledgeable volunteers from the billiards community.
11. Evaluate the tournament and provide feedback for the following year.  
12. Marketing and promotion (post‐event)
 Use social media and online updates for promotion of the event and supply links to participants, their families, media, and fans.
 Prepare tournament reports and results for distribution to participants, committee members, RCs, corporate sponsors, the ACUI Central Office, and others involved with production of the tournament.  
 Write recap for The Bulletin and ACUI website, and send press releases to major billiards media outlets immediately after the event.
13. Attend the annual conference and report on the previous year’s activity. Assist with development of annual goals and objectives.
14. Perform other duties as assigned by the Recreation and Leisure Activities Program Team leader. 


Many of the duties are ongoing, while some only occur during certain months. Using the numbered list
above, the approximate times at which these duties will need to be performed is outlined below.
August    1, 4, 11, 12
September   1
October   1, 5  
November   1, 2, 6a
December   1, 2, 10
January   1, 3, 10
February   1, 3, 10
March     1, 7, 13
April     7, 8
May     8, 10
June     8, 10
July     9, 10

This position receives administrative support from the ACUI Central Office. The duties of the Central Office are best characterized as program management and include:
 Registration – Online registration posting, administration, and rosters.  
 Contracts for sponsors, venues, hotels, catering, etc. (volunteers may not sign contracts)  
 Finances, including receivables and payables  
 Travel arrangements for tournament staff  
 Publications, mailings, website, etc.  
 Other duties that you may need, as agreed upon between you and the Central Office 


 Demonstrated experience on the Recreation and Leisure Activities Program Team or as a regional recreation coordinator.
 Demonstrated performance in organizational, leadership, motivation, and communication/listening skills.
 Demonstrated commitment to affirmative action and multiculturalism.
 Full‐time employment in a college union or student activities department at a member institution; solid institutional support and job stability.
 Sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse needs and priorities of the Association's membership and the profession. 

Core Competencies: 

Applicants must demonstrate an understanding of the Association's 11 core competencies, realizing that this particular volunteer role will place emphasis on one or more competency areas:  
  • Communication  
  • Facilities Management  
  • Fiscal Management  
  • Human Resource Development  
  • Intercultural Proficiency  
  • Leadership  
  • Marketing  
  • Management  
  • Planning  
  • Student Learning  
  • Technology

Selection Process: 

In 2009, the Association adopted a new process for volunteer selection. 

The Central Office staff liaison advising the appointment will select three members to review applications (known as the Screening Committee). The staff liaison also will serve on the Screening Committee. Committee members will be selected based on their experience with the content of the appointed position and/or on their service as past members of the ACUI Leadership Team. The Screening Committee will review all applications and if necessary, will determine which candidates to further interview for the position via phone. If phone interviews are conducted the staff liaison and at least one member of the Screening Committee will be present; all candidates will be asked the same battery of questions regardless of tenure in the association or position on campus. After all the interviews are completed, the Screening Committee will deliberate and the staff liaison will forward a recommendation.



Updated Feb. 6, 2012