Volunteer Development Team Member

Position Description

Responsible To:
Volunteer Development Coordinator

Central Office stall liaison:
Director of Volunteer and Member Engagement
Term of Position:
Team members will serve a two-year term beginning June 1. At the end of the term, the volunteer may reapply for a second term; no person can serve on the team more than two consecutive terms. 

Apply here by April 21

Ensure that ACUI is a model for volunteer involvement for its members, enhancing the volunteer experience through effective recruitment, training, retention, recognition, and evaluation of those volunteers responsible to the Board of Trustees and for assessing volunteer roles to ensure a match with ACUI and members’ needs.

Responsibilities of the team:

  • Coordinate, communicate, revise, and update a detailed plan for volunteer engagement in ACUI, and solicit input and review from regional volunteer coordinators
  • Cross-link international and regional positions for comparison by Association members on websites
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of volunteer positions to determine if a position should be maintained, redefined, or eliminated based on ACUI and members’ needs
  • Coordinate, with the Central Office, a recruitment/marketing plan for volunteer positions
  • Cultivate an active file of interested volunteers and match these with available positions
  • Identify strategies to engage active members to identify and recruit new volunteers
  • Coordinate a process to thank nominators and supervisors for their support of volunteers
  • Assess opportunities to include reference checks in the selection process
  • Announce the selection of volunteers to their respective campus and the International Leadership Team and coordinate recognition through the appropriate Regional Leadership Team structure
  • Develop procedures to follow up with applicants who are not selected encourage them to apply for other positions
  • Develop procedures for regular evaluations of volunteer performance and Central Office staff liaison effectiveness
  • Create mechanisms to recognize volunteers and to retain them upon the completion of their term
  • Advance the principles articulated in the Association’s Statement of Affirmative Action and Commitment to and Vision for a Multicultural Organization.


  • Demonstrated understanding of the role of volunteers in organizations with emphasis in motivation, recognition, recruitment, and retention
  • A broad range of experiences consistent with the responsibilities of the position
  • Demonstrated performance in organizational and leadership skills
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Support for ACUI, the advancement of the profession, and diversity in the profession
  • Ability to work with students and staff as volunteers
  • Ability to manage multiple projects
  • Expected attendance at the annual conference each year serving as a team member
  • Letter of institutional support
  • Institutional membership with the Association

Core Competencies: Applicants must demonstrate an understanding of the Association's 11 core competencies, realizing that this particular volunteer role will place emphasis on one or more competency areas:

  • Communication
  • Facilities Management
  • Fiscal Management
  • Human Resource Development
  • Intercultural Proficiency
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Planning
  • Student Learning
  • Technology

Selection Process:
Consistent with the selection process for ACUI volunteer positions, a screening committee of volunteers and the staff liaison will review applications, interview qualified candidates, and make a recommendation for appointment. 

Updated March 2, 2017