2017 Conference Program Team Chair

Position Description

Responsible to: Director of Student and Professional Development
Volunteers responsible for: Conference Program Team
Term of Office/Renewal: Conference Program Team chair will serve a term beginning in April 2015 and ending immediately following the 2017 annual conference in Philadelphia. There is no option for renewal.

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From time of appointment to conference: 

  • Recruit and select a diverse committee to assist in the development of the Association's annual conference. 
  • Lead the committee in execution of the plans for the conference
  • Develop, coordinate, and implement the overall direction and format of the annual conference educational program, including the selection of keynote speakers, session, presenters, and other conference enhancements. 
  • Attend scheduled Association meetings as required including, but not limited to, the annual conferences for 2015, 2016, and 2017; the Leadership Team meetings for 2015 and 2016; and any others scheduled until the conclusion of the 2017 conference.  Recruit the conference program team members in collaboration with the Central Office. 
  • Review past annual conference programs and program budgets as a basis for development of the 2017 conference program and budget. 
  • Partner with the Central Office staff on the production of the conference budget, schedule, promotional plan, and overall conference management. 
  • Manage the conference program team budget. 
  • Schedule and host regular communication and meetings with the conference program team and Central Office liaison, including, but not limited to, regular conference calls/online meetings and in-person meetings one in 2015 and one in 2016. 
  • Direct and manage the conference promotional materials (conference reveal, website, and other conference program team-devised promotions) and the onsite conference program in conjunction with Central Office staff. 
  • Consult and cooperate with the host director, Central Office staff members, association partners, component groups, or conference program team to develop preconference education, tours, local arrangements, etc. 
  • Prepare communicates to be sent regularly to the Board of Trustees, regional directors, communities of practice, and Education and Research Fund component groups concerning the development of the conference program. 
  • Work collaboratively with the Education Council members to develop the conference educational content to ensure a balanced offering for Association members. 
  • Develop and implement the conference planning timetable with the Central Office. 
  • Maintain effective communication regarding sponsorship and other opportunities for corporate partners with the Central Office staff and the conference program team, to ensure that sponsors are integrated into the educational offerings of the annual conference. 
  • Advance the principles articulated in the Association’s Statement of Commitment to and Vision for a Multicultural Organization.

Responsibilities at conference: 

  • Lead the 2017 conference program team in execution of plans. 
  • Present progress of conference and highlights at the Leadership Team meeting (usually a few days before the start of the conference).

Responsibilities after conference: 

  • Be the leader on assessment of conference and potential post-conference proceedings. 
  • Report conference results to the membership and leadership of the association. 
  • Participate in Annual Report content development as it pertains to conference.


  • Previous experience on an ACUI annual conference program team. 
  • Broad range of experience at ACUI regional and annual conferences, programs, and workshops. 
  • Demonstrated performance in organizational leadership, motivation, communication, and listening skills. 
  • Demonstrated commitment to affirmative action and multiculturalism. 
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Association’s core competencies and skill sets. 
  • Regional or international volunteer experience as Education Council member preferred. 
  • Full-time employment in a college union/student activities department at a member institution, solid institutional support, and job stability.

Core Competencies:

Applicants must demonstrate an understanding of the Association's 11 core competencies, realizing that this particular volunteer role will place emphasis on one or more competency areas: 

  • Communication 
  • Facilities Management
  • Fiscal Management 
  • Human Resource Development 
  • Intercultural Proficiency 
  • Leadership 
  • Management 
  • Marketing 
  • Planning 
  • Student Learning
  • Technology

Selection Process:

Applications will be accepted and reviewed by the Central Office staff liaison and at least two Association members. The Board of Trustees will make the final appointment. For complete details about the selection process, please visit the Volunteer Opportunities page on the ACUI website.

Updated Oct. 6, 2014