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Make the most of your online learning experience

Providing regular professional development to an entire staff has always been a challenge, but in these tough financial times of budget freezes and travel cuts, it seems less and less possible. ACUI's online learning programs offer a wide range of topics that are relevant to individuals in different functional areas and at different professional levels. These tips will help you to get the most out of your investment in online learning, even if your travel budget is running on empty.


For the webinars that are included in your ACUI membership, with no additional charge:

  • Many of these programs include discussion or online chat components, so you are encouraged to register individually, so that people know who you are when you are typing in the chat.
  • We understand that it is more convenient to have one person register and share the login information with the entire department, and ultimately, we will allow any individual from a member institution to login to the programs. However, if you are interested in keeping your record of program attendance up to date as a member of ACUI, we recommend you still register yourself for the program.
  • Why is tracking attendance important? ACUI wants to keep the most accurate member records we can, person by person, so that we can better understand your interests and engagement, and in turn, better serve your needs.
  • If you miss (or did not register for) the live program, you can still access the materials through the program page. You will need to be sure you are registered for the program, though (still at no additional charge).

For the other types of online learning program that still include a registration fee:

  • Actively participate in any opportunities during the session for live polls or group chat
  • Complement the session with a discussion at staff meetings about how the information can be used on your campus
  • Share the resources provided during or after the program by e-mailing them out to your colleagues
  • Do some research up front and come to the program prepared with questions
  • Utilize the speaker’s contact information to follow-up with additional questions after the program
  • Invite your entire department or division to attend
  • Reserve a room with a computer and projector that can accommodate a group of people to view the presentation
  • Designate an on-site moderator who can collect questions from the group and submit them to the speaker

These tips are based on the experiences and advice of your peers who have attended programs in the past. While it might be easy to passively attend a program, the potential value of online learning lies in your ability on-site to engage each other and make the most of the delivered content.

Updated June 7, 2011