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800.328.1111 Mon-Fri 7am-7:30pm Central Time
Ticketing Designator: NM7RA


Rules for usage:


1. Must be cities and dates predesignated by ACUI's contract with Delta
2. Discounts vary from 2-10% depending on Fare Type and Delta Booking Class.

3. Discounts only apply to round-trip travel in the United States and Canada

4. Not all fares are eligible for use with this contract like fares less than $250 USD for round-trip travel.

5. All TSA regulations apply for booking and when traveling.

6. There is a minimum two night stay and maximum stay of 30 days. 

7. Other rules may apply and should be clarified at time of booking.


Note: There is no reservation service fee for tickets issued through Delta Meeting Network® Reservations.

Updated June 6, 2011