Conference Opportunities for Students

In addition to the programs that ACUI offers specifically for students, there are additional events and conferences that students might be interested in exploring to learn more about college unions and student activities.

Student Learning Outcomes(1)Annual conference

Held each year, typically in February or March, the annual conference is the largest gathering of ACUI members, with over 1,000 people in attendance. In addition to professionals, faculty members, and company representatives, many undergraduate and graduate students participate in the program.

The learning opportunities generally associated with students who participate in the annual conference include:

  • Interacting with fellow students and newcomers through both formal and informal opportunities to connect and network
  • Learning more about the college unions and student activities profession through educational sessions and keynote speakers
  • Meeting key ACUI staff and volunteer leadership team members to get to know all of the resources and programs available
  • Collecting valuable information and ideas that can be applied back on campus 

While the program changes slightly each year, a student network typically is coordinated to include targeted workshops focused on the learning and professional development needs of the students. Click here for more information about ACUI's annual conference, and follow the menus on the left of that page for details about current, past, and future events.


Regional conferences

The Association is organized into 8 geographic regions, and each of these regions coordinates a conference annually, as well. These programs typically take place throughout the months of October and November, and it is not unusual for there to be more students than professionals in attendance at these regional conferences.

The learning opportunities generally associated with students who participate in a regional conference include:

  • Networking closely with other students from institutions in the area who hold similar positions in student organizations and employment programs
  • Attending educational sessions to help improve practices back on campus, often specific to a variety of student roles and positions
  • Showcasing features for your campus through exhibits, presentations, auctions, or other resource-sharing opportunities
  • Learning more about local presentation and volunteer opportunities available for students

Visit the About ACUI Regions page of the website to find out what region you are in and to learn more about upcoming regional conference opportunities.

Contact Information:

For more information about conference opportunities for students contact the Central Office staff liaison:

Brian Magee
Educational Program Coordinator


Updated Sept. 16, 2014