Registration and Payment

Online registration

Before you leave campus for your December break (sooner is even better!), you must e-mail a completed spreadsheet with the following information to the ACUI Central Office. This information is used to set up the registration page for your region's recreation and leisure activities tournament:

  • Date of tournament
  • Location
  • Events offered
  • Price per student for each event
  • Capacity for each event (how many students can you accomodate?)
  • Optional fees (banquet tickets, etc.)
  • T-shirt size (if you are getting them)

Regional recreation coordinators will receive a spreadsheet from the Central Office with the previous year's registration information. You will be asked to update the spreadsheet with the information for your 2013 events.

Payment via credit card or purchase order is required at the time of registration. ACUI accepts Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

If a registration has been guaranteed by a purchase order, the ACUI Central Office will provide the institution with the necessary documentation to process that purchase order. Please encourage your participants to send their check, made payable to ACUI, directly to the ACUI Central Office. If you do receive a check, please send it to the ACUI Central Office as soon as possible.


Contact Jake Dawes,, if you have any registration questions.

Eligibility form

This is an important form that must be properly completed before the regional tournament. Participants who are not eligible will not be allowed to participate in the regional tournament. It is the adviser’s responsibility to make sure the eligibility form is completed and submitted to the recreational coordinator prior to the regional tournament. Click here to review ACUI regional eligibility requirements.      

Because there is a great deal more at stake, and substantially more financial commitment required by the school, the individual, and the Association, eligibility requirements at the championship level for 9-ball and table tennis are necessarily more stringent. Students should be advised that if they succeed in regional or independent events and receive an invitation to a championship-level event, additional documentation from the school will be necessary.





Updated Oct. 18, 2012