Fireside Chats

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When the Conference Program Team started developing the educational program for the Washington, D.C., conference we talked about everything … from folks who we would love to have as keynote speakers to the potential that the D.C. area offers. Some of us had been to D.C. many times while others' history of the city was from books or the media. We talked about the fabled presidential "fireside chats" and, with half of us being programmers, thought that with some minor modifications we could add them to our program and enhance the conference's educational opportunities.

We then brainstormed who should do these fireside chats. We wanted to develop a list that would reflect the membership, that could give us a glimpse of both the past and the future, and that featured people who, in our opinion, were great storytellers. We did just that. At the conference you will hear from past presidents (of the Association not the United States), graduate students, Butts-Whiting Award winners, and even Host Team Chair Jeanni Winston-Muir's mother, who worked in the White House and has some great inside stories to share with everyone.

I am very excited about this conference element. I am also excited that my friend Robert "Bob" Rodda accepted one of our requests. Bob is the director of student life at The College of Wooster, ACUI's appointee to the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS), a faithful participant in the ACUI FUNd Run/Walk, as well as someone who has served in several volunteer roles particularly in support of small colleges.

We have asked Bob to share a portion of his story with you prior to the conference. While I have known Bob for many years (including rooming together), after reading his story, I learned more about this remarkable individual. I hope that you enjoy Bob's story and that you will look forward to the Fireside Chats in D.C.

Updated Nov. 9, 2012