2004 Host Team Story

2004 Host Team Story2004-11-0132Association Newsfalse

A day at the Smithsonian: Free
A copy of the The Washington Post:$0.50
Metro ride from the Crystal Gateway Marriott to Union Station: $1.55
A ticket to the Hamburg Ballet at The Kennedy Center: $27
Being part of the 2004 ACUI annual conference: Priceless

At least that's how we feel, having been part of this wonderful group since last December. As we have been considering how to make the 2004 conference a memorable one, we have tried to be mindful of the wants and needs of all potential delegates to the conference. We have spent a great deal of time on individual responsibilities, as well as group decisions, with the goal being that each of you enjoys a wonderful conference experience.

If not for all of our individual stories, however, our charge would be much less manageable. On the Host Team there is an ACUI past president; members of past Conference Program Teams; past regional directors; folks from large public institutions, small private institutions, community colleges; and folks who aren't currently in higher education. There are black and white, gay and straight, young and seasoned, liberal and conservative, and some who have moved outside the local area. There is a wealth of knowledge and energy in our group and a willingness to share with each other and to express our sometimes divergent opinions.

We have been able to succeed thanks in part to the outstanding leadership of Host Team Chair Jeanni Winston-Muir, who has encouraged us to bring our own stories to the table and to investigate possibilities for the conference using all of our individual and collective creativity and ingenuity. Playing host to any conference is challenging, exciting, and rewarding. Playing host to an ACUI annual conference is for most of us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We are individually and collectively committed to making it a positive experience. We encourage anyone who has the opportunity in the future to be part of a Host Team to jump on board and tell your story.

That is our story. Please join us in sharing your story at ACUI's 84th annual conference, Feb. 27 to March 1, 2004 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Washington, D.C. We look forward to welcoming you to our nation's capital!

2004 ACUI Host Team

Deb Berger, The George Washington University
Jay Boyar, Prince George's Community College
Vernese Edgehill, Howard University
Mick Ellis, formerly of the Whitman-Walker Clinic
Steve Gnadt, University of Maryland–College Park
Bill Jonas, The Catholic University of America
Scott Jones, The George Washington University
Donna Lim, University of Maryland–College Park
Ellen Plissner, Prince George's Community College
Greg Reents, Mesa Community College
Barbara Squier, formerly of Hood College
Michele Tracia, The College of Southern Maryland
Greg Wilkins, American University
Jeanni Winston-Muir, Frederick Community College

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