Poetry Slam Eligibility

Below are eligibility standards for the 2016 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational.

Eligibility Forms

All registered students must have the following eligibility paperwork completed, signed, and submitted by check-in of the event, or your team may not be able to compete and will be replaced by an eligible team on the wait list. All eligibility forms must be sent via mail (address found below; send to ATTN: Kim Pho) to the ACUI Central Office ASAP. Students that do not produce the proper forms onsite at CUPSI will not be allowed to take the stage.

2017 Student Eligibility Form - All registered competing students (Must be completed by your institution's registrar and must include university's seal. This cannot be faxed, and ACUI must receive the hard copy of this form)

2017 Eligibility and Code of Conduct Form - All registered competing students (Must be completed and signed by student and advisor, in addition to the Student Eligibility Form)

2017 Code of Conduct Form (noncompeting) - All registered noncompeting students (Must be completed and signed)

Send forms to:
Kim Pho
Association of College Unions International
One City Centre, Suite 200
120 W. Seventh Street
Bloomington, IN 47404

If you have eligibility questions, please contact Kim Pho at 812.245.8088.

Team Eligibility for the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational

According to our agreement with Poetry Slam, Inc., only teams from certified campus venues will be eligible to participate in the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. This guarantees that teams are familiar with the tournament rules and format and legitimizes teams as contenders against other certified teams who have previously endured the slam judging process. Certification is automatically processed when a team registers for CUPSI; no additional purchase is necessary. For certification resources, go here

  • Teams must be selected through at least one well publicized open competition, and teams should not be hand-picked. 
  • Teams may have up to five members, but must have a minimum of 4 eligible members in order to participate. The fifth member can serve as a "floating" member who can compete in any bout. As per ACUI rules, you cannot repeat primary authorship in a bout. 
  • For 2017 , NO MORE THAN 4 POETS CAN APPEAR ON THE STAGE to perform during A GROUP PIECE. In the course of a bout, the 5th poet may appear in a group piece(s) and perform a solo piece as long as primary authorship is not violated. 
  • Teams are encouraged to bring one coach. 
  • Teams not meeting this expectation may be bumped out of the tournament and replaced by teams meeting all criteria from a wait list. 
  • Fifty percent of each team must be undergraduate students; 100 percent of all team members must be affiliated with the certified school. Affiliated membership includes current undergraduate or graduate student. 
  • Competitors may not be faculty members at their institution. 
  • Community members and alumni may not compete.

Teams from ACUI member institutions will receive member rates, while nonmember institutions must pay additional registration fees.

*We expect teams to honorably adhere to the minimum eligibility standards, and teams discovered in breach of this standard may face penalties including the risk of expulsion from the current tournament.

 Only one team may participate in the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational from a single campus. Ultimately, a city can be represented by multiple teams from different institutions, but a single school should send its best five poets.

Individual Poet Eligibility

When conducting a campus slam, it is ultimately at the campus' discretion on who is eligible while embracing the value of inclusivity and welcoming everyone's voice. However, in order for a poet to be considered a student member of a campus team competing at the College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational: 

  • All participants must meet eligibility criteria established by their school. 
  • All participants are limited to 6 years of eligibility. Students enrolled at 2-year institutions are limited to 3 years of eligibility; if they transfer to a 4-year school, 6 years total.
  • All undergraduate participants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 as of the academic term in which they qualified for program; for graduate students, 3.0 cumulative GPA.
  • All participants must be enrolled as of the academic term in which they qualified for the program for at least 9 credit hours (6 credits for graduate students) and must complete 6 credit hours between all program appearances. **New as of 2015
  • All undergraduate and graduate student participants must be enrolled as a student in good conduct standing at the institution he or she represents, as determined by the institution in which he or she is currently enrolled. 

For a complete explanation of ACUI eligibility requirements, including determination of nonacademic ineligibility, see www.acui.org/programs/student.

Any individual serving as a team's coach is encouraged be a faculty or staff member, or alum from a certified institution.

Updated Sept. 7, 2016