The Institute for Leadership Education and Development

The Institute for Leadership Education and Development (I-LEAD®) is ACUI's premier student program, designed to emphasize the key concept areas of leadership, community development, and change. I-LEAD® offers an opportunity for the college students to focus on personal growth and other issues facing our world. The institute prepares students to develop skills that will serve them as leaders in any situation, regardless of role, organization, or environment.   


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Since becoming a stand-alone institute, I-LEAD® has impacted more than 1500 students and more than 300 facilitation team members, supporting ACUI's commitment to student development.




"I-LEAD® really helped open my eyes to the types of practices that make up an extraordinary leader. From notes of affirmation to the importance of challenging the process, I-LEAD® definitely taught the significance in the little practices that can make big change."
—Trina Tan, California State University–Fullerton

"I learned that you cannot let assumptions make decisions for you."
Jason Krisza, Ramapo College

"I learned to look into myself and realize what my core values are. I live by that now."
Abby Tollefson, University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point

"I loved our small group times. They allowed us the chance to really be heard and understood. We developed a trust that can never be broken!"
Jennifer Austing, Minnesota State University–Moorhead

"I learned just how great an impact even the seemingly small decisions have on the campus community. I feel more empowered and ready to lead myself and my organizations to new heights."
Carlos Rodriguez, University of North Texas



I-LEAD® Connect

This three-day institute on your campus that prepares students to develop skills that will serve them as leaders in any situation, regardless of role, organization, or environment, while breaking cross-departmental barriers. 

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Questions about the Program

For information about the I-LEAD® curriculum, facilitation team, or getting involved, contact the I-LEAD® Co-Program Team leaders:

Benjamin Williams                                                               
Georgia Institute of Technology                            

William Takewell
Millsaps College
Kim Pho
Association of College Unions International

For information about the I-LEAD® history, registration, or hosting future programs, contact acui@acui.org.

Updated Jan. 30, 2017