2016 Regional Director Election Results

The Association of College Unions International is pleased to announce the results from the 2016 Regional Director elections, which took place this year for Regions I, III, V, and VII. Overall, there were a total of 255 ballots cast out of 1777 eligible voters in these regions, representing a 14.4% voter turnout. During this regional election, 15.6% of eligible professional voting members participated, while 1.3% of eligible student voting members cast ballots.

McIntosh, Kathy Region I Director
Kathy McIntosh
Alliant International University
 Israels-Swenson, David   Region V Director
David Israels-Swenson
University of Minnesota–Morris
Smith, Dean   Region III Director
Dean Smith
East Carolina University
 Patel, Neela   Region VII Director
Neela Patel
Rutgers University

The above newly elected volunteers will officially take office at their regional conference later this year, but they will join the team of current regional directors to begin their training and planning in July.

For more detailed election statistics, including breakdown by region, enrollment, and member type, download the voting summary [pdf].

Updated May 24, 2016