Volunteer Transition Resources

ACUI values the volunteer experience and wants to ensure a smooth transition from term to term with volunteer positions. The resources below was designed to assist outgoing volunteers in creating a document that can be shared with new and future volunteers in those respective volunteer positions to support them as they begin their role as a volunteer for the association.

Likewise, if you are incoming to a new position, the checklist below can be a resource used to structure a discussion with your volunteer predecessor to learn more about the important timelines, projects, support, and lessons learned.

Volunteer Transition Report Checklist

This check list should be downloaded and kept as a running list of items, timelines, programs, and budget information (if applicable) for your volunteer position as you start your position; it can be updated as you move through your term; and/or it can be completed as a summary as you finish up in your position. Once your term nears conclusion, please share this completed document as appropriate—with your volunteer replacement, with your volunteer supervisor or staff liaison, and/or in your online project management document repository. 

Any questions about this process can be directed to the chair or the staff liaison of the Volunteer Development Team.

Updated June 1, 2016