Overview of ACUI Online Learning Coordination

Before the Program

  • Schedule the program
  • Recruit and confirm facilitator(s)
  • Collect a completed Online Learning Program Proposal
  • Get the program on the ACUI website
  • Use information from the Online Learning Program Proposal to create an event page
  • Submit the Registration Template to get online registration live
  • Add program to ACUI staff calendar
  • Coordinate an e-communication to announce the program to members
  • Coordinate preparation work with facilitator(s)
  • Prepare discussion prompts in PowerPoint
  • Discuss flow of the program for Q&A, use of chat, roles, etc.                                                            
  • Determine if any polls should be conducted
  • Schedule any meetings, demos, and/or pre-program tests
  • Create templates for registrant emails, scripts, and follow-up emails
  • Set up the webinar in Adobe Connect
  • Confirm program layout is correct
  • Clear all chats
  • Upload PowerPoint
  • Send the login instructions to participants approximately 24 hours in advance

During the Program

A Central Office staff member lets registrants into the Adobe Connect meeting room, may introduce the presenters and explain to participants how to use the technology, may facilitate Q&A, and provides concluding remarks at the end of the discussion/presentation. Important note: To accommodate a large audience, programs are often scheduled Tuesday through Thursday. However, considerations for our diverse membership must also be made.                        

After the Program

A program evaluation is created in Survey Monkey. This is sent along with presentation materials in a follow-up email to registrants. Then, the program is archived on the website. This involves editing and archiving the video. In addition to the video feed, the PowerPoint program notes, and/or chat box transcript may be archived. In the case of roundtable discussions, a Commons post is also written, summarizing the discussion.


Recruiting Presenters

One of the most time-consuming, and sometimes difficult, tasks is recruiting presenters. Sometimes, it is easiest to plan a topic and find a presenter based on that topic. Other times, we will have presenters in mind and let them choose the topic. We may base the topic and presenter on the date we want to have the program. We might even do a mixture of all these before all is said and done. However the team decides to approach program planning and design, we will need to have the online program form approved at least four weeks in advance for each online learning program scheduled. Submit for team approval two months in advance.

OL Timetable

Updated Dec. 4, 2015