Online Learning Team Member Manual: Introduction

 Online Learning Team Mission Statement

The Online Learning Team promotes ACUI online learning initiatives by building a comprehensive calendar for online educational programs. The Online Learning Team is made up of the Education and Research Program Coordinator, the Regional Online Learning Coordinators, representatives from the different regions and communities of practice within ACUI, as well as others members with a strong interest in online education. By working together, the team will seek to decrease overlap, increase collaboration, and maintain consistency within ACUI’s online education programs.

ACUI Online Learning Team Member Position Description


Works in partnership with the Education and Research Program Coordinator and other team members to accomplish the educational goals and objectives of ACUI using online technologies.

Central Office Staff Liaison:

Education and Research Program Coordinator

Position-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Assist with coordination of online learning initiatives, especially for your area of interest, including recruiting knowledge-based experts and/or interested volunteers to present/facilitate programs, and developing competency-based learning outcomes and program assessment into online learning initiatives.
  • Collaborate with other members on a comprehensive calendar of online learning initiatives for the Association.
  • Assist in developing a direction and vision for the online learning opportunities that is in line with the strategic direction of the Association.
  • Utilize The Commons on the Association website to deliver any educational notes, recaps, or resources for online learning initiatives with which you are involved.
  • Assess the needs of the membership and make appropriate recommendations on how additional online technologies can be utilized to deliver educational content to members.

Overview of ACUI Online Programs: 

It might help to review some program test cases. Particular archived ACUI online learning programs to check out as reference, include:

You will notice that how we archived these has changed over time. There is significant variety in style, set-up, and length of programs. We encourage you to view some of the archived programs since May 2013 to see the variety in programming since we revitalized the online learning program in response to strategic planning.

Be sure to review the ACUI Statement of Commitment to and Vision for a Multicultural Organization and the Inclusive Language and Communications Policy.

Nonmember Fees: 

ACUI Online Learning Programs are a free benefit to our members. Institutions participating in ACUI online learning programs, who are not members of the Association, will be assessed a higher registration/entry fee than member institutions. Currently, the nonmember fee is $139. The nonmember fee returns to the Association budget.


ACUI has a SurveyMonkey account for volunteers to use for any evaluation or survey needs related to ACUI programs and services. This account allows for unlimited questions, unlimited responses, custom designs, survey logic, and exportable results. Using this account for your evaluations also allows ACUI to keep record of results and template surveys to explore trends or adapt for future needs. When you need access to this account, please contact your Central Office staff liaison for the login information


Updated Dec. 4, 2015