Training Syllabus


Works in partnership with the staff liaison and other team members to accomplish the educational goals and objectives of ACUI using online technologies.

  1. Assist with coordination of online learning initiatives, especially for one’s area of interest, including recruiting knowledge-based experts and/or interested volunteers to present/facilitate programs, and developing competency-based learning outcomes and program assessment into online learning initiatives. 
  2. Collaborate with other members on a comprehensive calendar of online learning initiatives for the Association. 
  3. Assist in developing a direction and vision for the online learning opportunities that is in line with the strategic direction of the Association. 
  4. Utilize The Commons on the Association website to deliver any educational notes, recaps, or resources for online learning initiatives with which one is involved. 
  5. Assess the needs of the membership and make appropriate recommendations on how additional online technologies can be utilized to deliver educational content to members. 

Materials/Job Aids

The following is a list of printed materials to support the Online Learning Team members (all included in manual, except norms, and evaluation priorities):

  • ACUI online learning team member position description
  • Overview of ACUI online learning programs
  • A review of the process of coordinating ACUI’s online learning program
  • How to compose learning outcomes
  • ACUI’s Statement of Commitment to and Vision for a Multicultural Organization
  • A statement of member/nonmember fees for programs
  • ACUI Inclusive Language Policy
  • Checklist and timeline for coordination of online learning programs
  • Current group norms
  • Evaluation priorities


  1. Incorporating the core competencies into online learning programs 
  2. Using the educational plan
  3. Creating plans for implementation and evaluation
  4. Recruiting subject matter experts and presenters
  5. Details regarding the specific objectives
  6. Teamwork training for virtual teams
  7. Details regarding ACUI online learning and coordinating the calendar of programs 


Screencast tutorials and other videos will be used for some instruction. These include:

  1. How to use the private community of practice  
  2. How to use Adobe Connect for webinar delivery  
  3. How to use the ACUI Forum tutorials
  4. How to use The Exchange tutorials:
  5. Participation Training overview 


Team members will be added to the private community of practice. This will be used to communicate and track tasks between meetings. Members will be provided with a guide/manual with the job aides included and the above list of links to the screencast tutorials. Two online meetings will be scheduled for the instructional part of the training.

Key terms, acronyms, and other information needed to facilitate the experience are included on the ACUI website. 

Updated Sept. 30, 2015