Community Leader Objectives

Position Description

The job description for this position will explain the specific objectives.

Volunteer Agreement

The Volunteer Agreement covers objectives for all volunteers.

There are several dimensions of complexity with regard to what makes a good community of practice leader. Leaders certainly do not have to do everything available in order to be a good leader. Many of the suggestions are just that, suggestions. They are not required, but they would be a good way to support your community and for your community to support ACUI.

That said, there are some responsibilities that are “must-haves” to be a good leader. These would include:

  • Being the main contact for your community of practice
  • Overseeing programs or research proposals for your community of practice
  • Monitoring the ACUI Forum for your community of practice
  • Answering questions or helping people with ACUI Forum-related problems
  • Assisting members who have questions
  • Most importantly, do not let any members feel they are being ignored.

General Responsibilities

Serve as a resource in helping members maximize the use of the community of practice.

  • Be the main contact for members and ACUI.
  1. Be accessible
  2. Return contacts
  • Encourage participation
  1. Get to know members
  2. Get to know their skills
  3. Tap into membership for leadership roles and community business
  • Initiate promotion efforts to bring visibility to the community of practice to members.
  1. Be the face of your community at the conference
  2. Promote events to your membership
  • Oversee any community of practice programs or research proposals

Updated Dec. 4, 2015