Additional Volunteer Training Opportunities

Beyond the ACUI 101 orientation and position-specific training provided for ACUI volunteers, additional opportunities to learn more in-depth information about different areas of the Association are now being provided through an ongoing calendar of volunteer training sessions.

To attend any of the programs listed below, simply visit at the scheduled time, and enter the room as a guest by typing your name and institution. Each session will last approximately 60 minutes. 


Kim HainesAnn ComerfordACUI Education Plan

Jan. 12, 2017 at 2 p.m. Eastern

ACUI has a strong tradition of educating its membership. The Association's Education Council embraces this tradition and has developed an Education Plan to ensure continued professional development around the ACUI core competencies for the college union and student activities profession. Join us in a discussion on the Education Plan—what it is and how to use it. 

This session will be facilitated by Ann Comerford, director of the University Union at Western Illinois University, and Kim Haines, student union and activities director at The College at Brockport; and it will be hosted by Kim Schwarz from the Volunteer Development Team.


February Sessions of ACUI 101

Specific dates of these 2017 sessions will be scheduled closer to the program. 


2017 Annual Conference

Various volunteer gatherings, as well as the annual meeting of the delegates, will take place March 19–23, 2017 in Philadelphia.


Scarlett WintersLiz BeltraminiEnhancing the Inclusivity of Educational Content

April 5, 2017 at 2 p.m. Eastern

When crafting an educational program, not only do you want to consider members’ topical interests but also how best to deliver content for a diverse audience. In this session, we’ll discuss learning styles, accessibility considerations, behaviors, and language best practices. Attendees will gain a general awareness of how to prepare educational content as well as opportunities to adapt session proposals, speakers, and activities to be more inclusive.

This session will be facilitated by Elizabeth Beltramini, ACUI director of content curation, and Scarlett Winters, ACUI educational program coordinator.


June Sessions of ACUI 101

Specific dates of these 2017 sessions will be scheduled closer to the program.




Past Programs

ACUI Training - How to Supervise VolunteersHow to Supervise Volunteers

Originally presented on Nov. 2, 2016
Watch the recording here

Serving as a volunteer for ACUI is an exciting role for our members. We want to make sure that if you are supervising other volunteers in your volunteer role, you have the proper tools to be able to be effective as a volunteer supervisor. Being able to be a resource for new and returning volunteers is important in the work that we do as volunteers. Our presenters share their experiences and best practices on how to supervise volunteers both on the regional and international level. This session was facilitated by Sarah Comstock, director of student life operations at University of Puget Sound, and Mike Patterson, director of student activities and union services at SUNY–New Paltz.



ACUI Training - Association Finance and GovernanceAssociation Finance and Governance

Originally presented on Dec. 5, 2016
Watch the recording here

Ever wonder what goes in to the big financial picture of running an association like ACUI? What does it really mean to be a 501(c)3 organization? What goes in to association governance? What are the legal obligations and responsibilities of staff and volunteer managers of associations? The answers to these questions and more are shared during this training program, which was facilitated by Dave Teske, ACUI director of finance and administration, and Zack Wahlquist, ACUI director of education.

Updated Jan. 4, 2017