Role of the College Union Statement Working Group

This working group will examine the Role of the College Union statement, it’s purpose and relevance to today’s college union, how it can effectively be used by members, and as applicable, to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for any updates. Six to eight positions are available, in addition to a chairperson, for term to begin in May 2017.

Apply by April 21


  • Perform internal audit of Association materials and practices relevant to the role statement (e.g. Strategic Plan)
  • Execute qualitative interviews with key stakeholders
  • Analyze the following to inform what should be included in the role statement
    • How the statement is used by members
    • Recent work of Future of the Brand Task Force
    • Role of community builders
  • Create revised statement that clearly articulates relevance of college unions in higher education 
  • Ensure language and messaging used in the statement is inclusive and easy to understand
  • Confirm statement accurately reflects foundational purpose and current practices of college unions
  • Gain input from members through on-line engagement and regional conferences
  • Revise and recommend final product to Board of Trustees by December 2017


  • Familiarity with the Role of the College Union Statement
  • Experience in conducting research
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Support for ACUI and the growth of the Association
  • Active participation in meetings, as well as the ability to dedicate sufficient time to completing tasks
  • Ability to manage multiple projects
  • Institutional support
  • Access to web-based technologies

To Apply:
Complete the online interest form as well as a signed Institutional Support Form by April 21. Note that ACUI membership is not a required qualification for this volunteer opportunity, but support from your institution to be volunteering with ACUI is still expected.

Selection Process:

Applications will be reviewed by the staff liaison to the group, as well as additional volunteers a member of the volunteer development team, as well as possible additional staff and volunteers. Interviews will take place for final consideration.


Updated March 3, 2017