Regional Conference Coordinator Position Description

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Provides leadership to the committee that is planning the regional conference and to the host committee associated with the host institution(s).

Responsible to:
Regional Director

Central Office staff liaison:
Events and Operations Coordinator

Position-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Market, recruit, and select a committee to plan the regional conference.
  • Communicate with the Regional Leadership Team regarding conference plans, details, etc.
  • Establish and lead a planning team from the host institution in support of the conference committee.
  • Provide a cost-effective, educational, and engaging experience for professionals and students that supports and advances the mission of ACUI.
  • Work closely with the business manager to prepare a budget for the conference.
  • Complete a report after the regional conference for the Regional Leadership Team, which includes final budget numbers, participation numbers, and program evaluation results.
  • Collaborate with other members of the Regional Leadership Team for their needs related to the regional conference, including awards presentations, corporate involvement, membership, regional communications, volunteer recognition, and website.
  • Assist the regional director in recruiting future regional conference locations.

Regional Leadership Team Responsibilities:

In addition to these position-specific responsibilities, every member of a Regional Leadership Team is expected to meet the responsibilities, qualifications, training and support, regional financial support, institutional support, term, and selection information outlined here.

Updated Sept. 7, 2016