Membership Coordinator Position Description

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Coordinates and encourages involvement in regional and Association-wide activities through membership recruitment and retention efforts.

Responsible to:
Regional Director

Central Office staff liaison:
Membership Manager

Position-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that accurate profile information of all members in the region is updated in collaboration with the Central Office.
  • Coordinate continuous efforts to reach out to member institutions and individuals, encouraging membership renewal.
  • Provide information to members of the region regarding ACUI resources, programs, and other membership benefits.
  • Develop and implement a newcomers program at the regional conference, to include pertinent information on ACUI and ways to get involved, in collaboration with the regional conference committee.
  • Plan a nonmember/member event at the regional conference, if applicable.
  • Work in collaboration with the web and social media Coordinator and Central Office to maintain the online directory of regional members.
  • Communicate with colleagues at nonmember institutions regarding ACUI and the benefits of membership in the Association.
  • Assist in the promotion of free membership to students and faculty members.
  • Work closely with the business manager to prepare a budget for the recruitment of new members.

Regional Leadership Team Responsibilities:

In addition to these position-specific responsibilities, every member of a Regional Leadership Team is expected to meet the responsibilities, qualifications, training and support, regional financial support, institutional support, term, and selection information outlined here.

Updated Sept. 7, 2016