Inclusivity Coordinator Position Description

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Serves as a resource and advocate for strengthening inclusivity within the region and the Association.

Responsible to:
Regional Director

Central Office staff liaison:
Director of Content Curation

Position-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Develop strategies to advance ACUI as a multicultural organization, which it defines as “one which is genuinely committed to a diverse representation of its membership; is sensitive to maintaining an open, supportive, and responsive environment; is working toward and purposefully including elements of diverse cultures in its ongoing operations; and … is authentic in its responses to issues confronting it.”
  • Share successful practices with members of the region and serve as a resource for members in terms of diversity work on their campuses.
  • Collaborate with other Regional Leadership Team members to ensure programming and information is inclusive of individuals from different ethnic backgrounds, physical abilities, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, and others with unique cultural and community orientations.
  • Assist the volunteer coordinator in recruiting and retaining a diverse pool of volunteers for opportunities in the region, and serve as a member of the screening committee for Regional Leadership Team applications.
  • Ensure there are educational sessions that will enhance members' skill sets associated with the Association's Intercultural Proficiency core competency.
  • Complete an annual written report for the Regional Leadership Team about diversity and inclusion initiatives, which includes a summary of projects accomplished and recommendations for improvements.

Regional Leadership Team Responsibilities:

In addition to these position-specific responsibilities, every member of a Regional Leadership Team is expected to meet the responsibilities, qualifications, training and support, regional financial support, institutional support, term, and selection information outlined here.

Updated Sept. 7, 2016