Corporate Partnerships Coordinator Position Description

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Fosters relationships with corporate partners for regional and Association participation.

Responsible to:
Regional Director

Central Office staff liaison:
Director of Corporate Partnerships and Events

Position-Specific Responsibilities:

  • Work in concert with the Corporate Partnership Development Team to expand the scope of corporate participation in ACUI programs.
  • Identify new potential corporate participants, and assist in efforts to recruit and educate them about ACUI.
  • Identify creative ways that corporate participants can support the initiatives of ACUI at the regional level.
  • Serve as the primary contact for all corporate participation in the region.
  • Oversee the planning of exhibit opportunities at regional events, in collaboration with the regional conference committee and/or other planning teams.
  • Collaborate with other Regional Leadership Team members to successfully fulfill the terms of all corporate participation agreements.
  • Ensure that corporate participation at the regional level is consistent with the Association standards for associate membership, sponsorship, exhibiting, advertising, and other opportunities.

Regional Leadership Team Responsibilities:

In addition to these position-specific responsibilities, every member of a Regional Leadership Team is expected to meet the responsibilities, qualifications, training and support, regional financial support, institutional support, term, and selection information outlined here.

Updated Sept. 7, 2016