Collecting evaluations is an important process-- it allows you to see what you have done well and what needs to be improved upon next time.


   1. Who do you want to evaluate the tournament?
   2. What do you want them to evaluate?
   3. What type of evaluation instrument do you want to use?
   4. When do you give them the evaluation?

Who should evaluate?

    * Participants
    * Advisors
    * Tournament Directors
    * Host School Staff
    * Yourself

What to evaluate?

    * Facilities (condition, equipment, etc.)
    * Scheduling (times, days of week, etc.)
    * Tournament Format
    * Pre-tournament information and mailings
    * Hotel/Housing facilities
    * Awards ceremony, brunch, etc.
    * General information

What type of evaluation instrument to use?

    * Multiple choice ratings of excellent, good, average, poor
    * Numerical ratings of questions such as 1 through 5
    * Ask a question for a written response

When do you give them evaluations?

    * Tournament package at check-in
    * Closing awards ceremony, banquet, brunch, etc.
    * Participants meeting by individual tournament directors

What do you want in the way of information from the evaluations and how do you plan to use that information?

Updated Dec. 11, 2009