Recreation & Leisure Activities Eligibility

Sectional and independent qualifying tournament eligibility

Recognizing that the primary purpose of student life on campus is academic achievement, to further underscore the importance of continuing academic progress, the Student Programs Team has raised the minimum requirement for credit hours. The changes are below. To that end, ACUI hereby establishes the following requirements for sectional or independent qualifying events:

  • All undergraduate and graduate student participants must be enrolled in nine degree-seeking credits for undergraduates (six for graduates) and must be a student in good standing at the institution he or she represents, as determined by the institution in which he or she is currently enrolled.
  • An individual student’s participation in sectional tournaments is restricted to six years. Such participation shall be limited to three years for those representing two-year institutions. If a student at a two-year school transfers to a four-year school, he/she may participate in six years total.
  • Certification of eligibility must be made by an advisor or authorized staff member of the school and must be sent to the Central Office in advance. Students who do not preregister online are required to provide eligibility verification that is signed and sealed by their school registrar.
  • Participants competing in the recreational bowling event may not have ever appeared on an intercollegiate team bowling roster.
  • Participation in multiple tournaments outside of the student's ACUI region is allowed, but once a student has qualified for nationals, they may not participate in another sectional tournament.
  • In addition to sectional qualifying tournaments, students may participate in unlimited independent qualifying events. 

Sectional and independent qualifying tournament eligibility form

 Championship-level eligibility

Because there is a great deal more at stake, and substantially more financial commitment required by the school, the individual, and the Association, eligibility requirements at the championship level for 9-ball and table tennis are necessarily more stringent.

  • All participants are limited to six years of competition.
  • All participants must be enrolled for at least nine degree-seeking credit hours for undergraduates (six for graduates) and must complete six credit hours between annual tournament appearances.
  • Students are not required to be enrolled at the time of championship competition, but must have been enrolled for at least six credit hours during their sectional/independent tournament.
  • Students may use their championship invitation only during the season in which they qualified (the “season” for ACUI competition is defined as September through July).
  • All undergraduate participants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (4.0 scale) as of the semester in which they qualified for the championships; graduate students 3.0 (4.0 scale).
  • All participants must meet eligibility criteria established by their school.
  • Participants may not have participated in a previous ACUI tournament competition under an assumed name.
  • Participants may not accept any financial assistance from a professional organization or commercial organization for use of his or her name or picture when this use clearly implies endorsement of any product.
    Note: Two stipulations about professional status and acceptance of financial assistance for tournament costs have been removed. The Recreation and Leisure Program Team acknowledges that there is a broad range of skill levels at the regional tournaments, and we want all students to feel welcome and have a good time. Rather than eliminate the best college athletes, regional tournaments will be formatted such that everyone gets ample opportunity to play, table tennis in particular. Preliminary rounds will be round robin. Eliminated players will be given the chance to play in a consolation tournament (of all the eliminated players).
  • If he or she accepts awards or sponsorships that are not acceptable to the institution or other recognized association to which his or her institution belongs.
  • Players must abide by the ACUI Player Code of Conduct.
  • Players must abide by the dress code in effect for their event.


Proof of Academic Eligibility

For sectional or independent qualifying events, students must complete the ACUI Sectional Eligibility & Code of Conduct Form and acquire official verification of eligibility status from their advisor or coach. Championship eligibility requires registrar approval of course requirements, official school seal and/or signature of registrar, prior to the deadline established by the championship event director, generally three to four weeks before the championship tournament.  The following exceptions apply:

  • An exception to the minimum enrollment requirement is permitted if a student participant is graduating by the end of that semester; he or she must take and complete the number of hours required to complete the degree.
  • An exception to the GPA requirement is permitted if a student is enrolling at an institution for the first time and his or her GPA cannot yet be calculated.
  • Certification of eligibility status must come from the registrar of the school where the student was enrolled at the time of the regional or independent qualifying tournament.
Updated Sept. 12, 2014